Welcome to the Art of Perception®

Astute observation is critical to professional success. The ability to observe is grounded in the perception of visual information and the effective articulation of what the eye sees and what the brain interprets. Learning to reconsider how we perceive the world around us renews the critical nexus between the eye and the mind.

The Art of Perception® is a highly participatory, proprietary training seminar that teaches professionals how to enhance their observation and communication skills. Since its inception in 2000, the Art of Perception has successfully trained thousands of professionals from a broad range of fields, including law enforcement, intelligence, medicine, industry, and education. The program’s dual objectives are achieved by removing participants from their daily work environment and developing and improving observational skills that are relevant to their specific professions. Participants analyze works of art to reconsider their skills of critical inquiry and articulation, thereby improving their individual and collective abilities to discern the distinctions between perception and inference. As a result of this process, they learn to analyze, expand, and reconsider the performance of their professional responsibilities.

The Art of Perception is credited with improving observation and communication skills and facilitating the exchange of critical information for both professionals working in exigent circumstances as well as for leaders charged with establishing and leading the strategic direction of complex teams.



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